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VOOYA - Passion Without Borders

Hi Learners! Do you know what your passion is in this life? Is it to be a writer? Or a scientist? Or maybe, a lawyer? Or even a barista? And how do you know that these are your real passions if you have never tried them firsthand? How do you know if you like them or not? Finding passion is not easy. It requires time and practice to try on new things while hoping that you would find the one thing that you want to do for the rest of your life. We would like to introduce you to our program: Vooya Journey. Vooya Journey is here to help you unlock yourself to find your passion through experiential study tour which allows the participants to learn by doing, experiencing, and exploring.

This is what makes our study tour unique and different:
– Passion exploration.  Vooya Journey believes that traveling across the globe is the right way to identify the special gem in you that will help to achieve triumph in life.
– Experiential learning. During the journey, you will try several professions that might be your true passion. On the first day, you would probably be a lawyer in the morning and a journalist in the afternoon. But on the next day, you would learn different things each and every day until the last day of the trip.
– Without borders. You will not only have the freedom to undergo a topic actively and directly, but also enjoy multiple learning tools, methods, subjects, and spaces that are all beyond the boundaries and out of the ordinary.

Our main destination:
– London
– Tokyo
– Sydney


In this workshop, you will be informed about Vooya Journey and how it is necessary for you, the trips' itineraries and activities details, and other Vooya products that could be useful for you.

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