[Virtual] Identifying Problems in Your Startup

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Startups are meant to solve people's problems. Isn't it an irony when you can identify people's problems but not yours. Furthermore, many businesses fail to grow or survive because they don't know what their problems are. Identifying your startup problems is a crucial first step to be able to overcome it and grow your startup.


From a 30-minute knowledge-packed workshop by Klemens Rahardja (Founder of The Entrepreneurs Society), you will learn about Identifying problems in your Startup.


About the Speaker:

Klemens Rahardja is the founder of The Entrepreneurs Society

Co-Founder and CEO of HelloGram

CVO of Sibuk Liburan

Founder of BPI Groups Pty. Ltd.

Creator of Business Entrepreneurship Skills and Training (BEST) Program

Promotional and Marketing Director of the Lux Residences

Creator of Smart Entrepreneurs Program on SmartFM Manado

Book Author The Art of Entrepreneurship

Date: Friday, 11 September 2020

Time: 15.00 - selesai

Channel: Zoom

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