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VOOYA - Passion Without Borders

Hi Learners! 

Are you still struggling to find a major and a profession that really suits you? 

“Next semester, I will be graduating from high school, but I don’t know which major I should take…” or “I’m good at History and I like it, but I still don’t know what job to take after college…”

Many students still haven’t figured out their passion, which leads them to choose the wrong major in college. Moreover, the high number of drop-outs in Indonesia – with studies from 2017 stating a number of 195,000 college dropouts – may be affected by their low endurance towards adversity. Thus, in addition to knowing one’s passion, it is very important to know one’s reaction to challenges.

Vooya Lab’s Passion-Perseverance Assessment is a set of assessments which will help you map out your characteristics to certain interest areas, subjects, and occupations; as well as help you measure your degree of adversity and detect your reaction to challenges. All of these assessments can help you understand yourself better, reflect & improve.

Vooya Lab’s Passion-Perseverance Assessment combines the following two assessments:
• The Strong Interest Inventory assessment is one of the world’s most widely respected and continues to be the leading choice for career practitioners in helping people in their search for rich and fulfilling careers.
• The Adversity Response Profile QuickTake is an effective predictor of performance as well as a source of major insight into how one responds to adversity. 


- Strong Interest Inventory
A psychological assessment to find your most suitable careers based on your interests. This tool measures one’s interest in occupations, occupational activities, leisure activities, and personal style.
- Adversity Response Profile QuickTake
A psychological assessment to understand your pattern of response to adversity. This tool measures one’s ability in overcoming difficult situations and challenges in life.
- Comprehensive Report and Interpretation
A consultation session with Passion-Perseverance Assessment experts. This session will allow you to discuss your assessment results with a certified mentor who will also interpret your results.

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