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Learn How To Be A Professional Graphologist: The Fundamentals & Deeper Graphologist

Aug 27th, 2019 - Aug 28th, 2019 09:00 AM Add to Calendar


Hi Learners! Learn and discover what secrets handwriting reveals about people. Handwriting is brain-writing. This module explains all the fundamentals and deeper knowledge to be a professional graphologist. Excellent for experts in hiring employees, for parents, teachers, and business owners, and even dating.

What Will You Learn :

- Learn people personality through handwriting
- How to analyze handwriting in a general and holistic way
- You will be able to identify traits from many angles
- Gain insight into people’s unconscious forces and understand their personality
- Choosing the right words and phrases which exactly describe the Negative Traits
- Learn the anatomy of handwriting and the meaning behind it, margin, slant, speed, pressure, space, print & cursive, the dimension of the letter, baseline, etc

Price Inclusive :

- Workshop materials
- Lunch
- Goodie bag

Certificate: E-Certificate

What Do You Need To Prepare :

- Pen & Notebook

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