Pemutaran Film Naomi Kawase's 'SUZAKU' (1997)

Kenobi Space
Colony Building 6th Floor, Jalan Kemang Raya 6 , Jakarta Selatan, DKI Jakarta
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Available on:
Wed, Feb 14, 2018 | 20:00 - 22:00

Budget per pax:
IDR 35,000
Created by:
Kenobi Space
Naomi Kawase's SUZAKU (1997)

"This beautiful elegy is laid in a mountain village near Nara — a place from which the young leave, where the old die. The remnants of a family — young girl, older boy — stay on. She is attracted to him, he is drawn toward the wife of his dead uncle. But to put it that way is to suggest melodramatic complication, and there is none of that in this deliberately muted, purposely inarticulate film. What holds the attention and compels the admiration is not only the lyric beauty of Maasaki Tamura's photography but the honesty of director Naomi Kawase. This is her first feature and in it she displays a most impressive integrity. There are no compromises, no emotional corner-cutting, no pandering to supposed audience tastes. With this film she joins a few other young directors (of "Mabaroshi" and "Okaeri") who continue to honor those qualities that made Japanese film admirable." 

Entry: 35,000 IDR (for drinks and coffee)

‘The After Hours’ is a program that runs on weeknights, mainly focusing on 20th-century gems. The goal is to encourage Jakartans to tweak their work-gossip-complain-work lifestyle to something more substantial to dig (well..once in a while). The films are mostly 100 mins or less but with no subsequent official discussion. We guarantee you’d have a good course of topic to talk about with colleagues the next day. If not, then we fail.

Notes for attendees:
The After Hours has 'first come first serve policy'. So if you are on the waiting list you can still watch the movie as long as you come early/on time to attend the screening. Also, after 08:15 pm we won't accept anymore guest because we do not want our attendees who come on time to be disturbed while watching the movie.


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