Bored of doing the same thing again in shopping malls, restaurants or cafes? At LiveLife, not only can you find interesting activities, but also plan your own activities. When organizing activities, LiveLife will help recommend talents (e.g. MC, Dancer, Musician, Speaker, Photographer) at suitable venues (e.g. restaurant, Co-working space, Auditorium), then promote to relevant communities and people to attend.

What is LiveLife?

Collaboration makes interesting activities possible

Here at LiveLife, we help people meet & plan interesting activities. Whether you are an organizer, talent, venue manager, or community lead, let's collaborate & plan interesting activities together!

Activity Idea

Unique concept to produce an interesting activity based on categories: Music Art & Culture, Movie & Show, Eat Drink & Party, Sports & Games, Travel & Adventure, StartUp & Business and others.


Collaborating between people are involving on activity such as event organizer, host, talent, fasilitator, sponsor, and participants.

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Places or spaces are potentially to make interesting activity happen such as restaurants, booth, co-working space, auditorium, meeting room etc.

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Entities to support how to make interesting content of activities and influence to spread it over public such as TV, Radio, Blogger, Vlogger, Youtuber, Content Writer etc.

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