About Us

Wanting to do something different and meeting people? What better way than planning your own event?. At LiveLife, people who enjoy creative-activities gather, learn and collaborate to design a great experience together!

Plan your event with LiveLife and find the right partners for your activity, venue, marketing & sponsor, and let's make it happen!

Creative Collaboration for a Great Experience!

Here at LiveLife, whether you organize events, work in the creative indusrty, own a venue, lead a community, run a media/social media/business, we help all of you connect to collaborate and design a great experience!


Activity & talent for your event, they can be for celebration, performance, exhibition, screening, exercise, competition, talk and workshop or trip.


Places for your event. The can be indoors like restaurant, hotel, coworking space, stadium, function hall, etc or outdoors like park, nature etc.


Marketing for your event. They can be media (such as magazine, neswpaper, radio, tv, website, etc) community, influencer (such as youtuber, selebgram, blogger, etc).


Sponsor for your event. They can provide financial support or in-kind products & services to save expenses such as accomodation, transportation, F&B and gifts.