Latin American Film Festival

Several Locations
Jakarta , Jakarta Pusat, DKI Jakarta
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Hosted by:
Michael Arief Gunawan
Jakarta Cinema Club is in collaboration with Latin American countries via the embassy of Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Ecuador, Mexico, and Peru in organizing the first Latin American Film Festival.

Here are the schedule, click each for details and register by clicking 'Interested':

Sat, 23 February
9:30am - 12pm OPENING: La Nana (Chile) @National Library
1pm - 3:30pm Habanastation (Cuba) @National Library

Sun, 24 February
9:30am - 12:15pm Amores Perros (Mexico) @National Library
1pm - 3:30pm El Comienzo del Tiempo (Mexico) @National Library

Mon, 25 February
7pm - 9pm Bad Lucky Goat (Colombia) @ESAS
7pm - 9pm Viejos Amigos (Peru) @Uptown

Tue, 26 February
7pm - 9:15pm La Jaula de Oro (Mexico) @Uptown
7pm - 9pm Riu (Chile) @ESAS

Wed, 27 February
7pm - 9:30pm Son of the Bride (Argentina) @ESAS
7pm - 9:15pm Los Dioses Rotos (Cuba) @Uptown

Thu, 28 February
7pm - 9pm Killa (Ecuador) @Uptown
7pm - 9pm La Tola Box (Ecuador) @ESAS

Sat, 2 March
9:30am - 12pm Sigo Siendo (Peru) @National Library
1pm - 3:30pm Porro Hecho En Colombia (Colombia) @National Library

Sun, 3 March
9:30am - 12pm Prometeo Deportado (Ecuador) @National Library
1pm - 3:30pm El Benny (Cuba) @National Library
1pm - 3:30pm Lila's Book (Colombia) @National Library

Mon, 4 March

Come join us and there will also be sharing session by each embassy together with Q&A session and some gifts too!

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